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Peterborough Volkswagen - Waiver for Virtual Sales

As a result of the impacts to our lives from COVID-19, Peterborough Volkswagen has developed a virtual sales process to help customers looking to purchase a vehicle. We recognize this is a different approach to the traditional showroom visit and test drive, but to ensure the safety of our employees and community, we have built and implemented our virtual sales process to help.

You would have experienced a virtual test drive to show you videos of said vehicle and have live conversations with us regarding any vehicles in question. If a trade in is part of the vehicle purchase, we asked you to complete the same virtual test drive of your current vehicle to highlight all positive and potential negative attributes of your vehicle to allow us to place the most accurate trade in value possible. There are a few key clauses we wish to highlight regarding the virtual sales process to further aid you in making a big decision in these hard times:

  • Once you select a vehicle and complete the application and purchase, Peterborough Volkswagen understands it will potentially be your first time driving this vehicle. As a result, during this virtual sales process, we are offering all clients a 48 hours/250km transaction exchange credit. If you don’t like the vehicle you have purchased, simply tell us within 48 hours/250km and we will cancel it outright and offer an exchange on another vehicle from our dealership.
  • At the time you take your new vehicle, Peterborough Volkswagen will not start the warranty coverage until the 48 hours have expired. Once the 48 hours have expired, your warranty will be enacted from the original day you purchased the vehicle. This also includes roadside assistance which will not be activated until the 48 hour grace period is over. This is because once started, it cannot be reversed and in the case where somebody may wish to exchange a vehicle we cannot restart the warranty for the next owner.
  • If you are trading in a vehicle, we have asked you to show us all physical and mechanical ailments on a virtual trade appraisal, if items present themselves at the time of the vehicle purchase transaction that were not previously disclosed during the virtual trade appraisal, Peterborough Volkswagen reserves the right to not honour the proposed deal based on the agreed upon numbers. Undisclosed damage and mechanical issues will impact the trade in value of any vehicle.
  • Please note, if the purchased vehicle is involved in any sort of motor vehicle accident during the above described 48 hour/250km exchange period, it will void the ability to return said vehicle. Any and all damage on the vehicle is the responsibility of the customer if said customer wished to exchange the vehicle. Peterborough Volkswagen reserves the right to refuse a vehicle exchange within the proposed exchange period if damage is deemed to excessive. The definition of “excessive” is at the discretion of Peterborough Volkswagen only as this vehicle will have to be resold and damage disclosed to the next buyer.
  • It’s very important to understand that this waiver IS NOT designed to be a way around Peterborough Volkswagen’s decision to stop test drives. The waiver IS NOT a test drive replacement, but instead a way for you to feel comfortable making a decision on a vehicle purchase without doing a test drive. Peterborough Volkswagen will not permit people multiple exchanges, the virtual sales process is designed to help you select the correct car the first time; the waiver is here to help should you need to switch vehicles, one time only.